World Work.
A medium-scale set-up with large-scale flexibility.

World Work is specialised in the production and marketing of the latest generation dental amalgam and disposable saliva ejectors. It stands as a highly respected reference for professionals in the sector.

A factor that favours premium quality and product care and fits perfectly in line with a policy underpinned by incontestable key points: training, total resolution, strictly in-house know-how; direct control on the whole production cycle; the progressive development of a highly flexible management system, which has generated an unequalled customer support service. This is the basis of the choice, while adapting both organisation and management to the natural increase in business turnover, to orient production in favour of one segment in order to decisively focus on excellence. This has been a courageous objective, rewarded by the growing standing of World Work products in the world.

Quality comes first.

The outright quality of World Work products is the result of progressive development and fine-tuning of production technology and the research, strictly in-house, of new materials and application solutions capable of guaranteeing complete direct control of production processes.

The results have been obtained and can be seen: in the high quality content of the product, which have set standards for the reference market; in the ability to offer customer specific solutions on a daily basis, with packing systems studied even for the most unusual requirements; in the maximum focus on safety, both in terms of product (raw material selection, hygiene standards) and workers (standards for health and safety in the work place) and environmental protection.

Quality System Certifications

The World Work Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. 

Product Certifications

All products manufactured by World Work are CE marked in conformity to Annex VII and Annex V of EC directive 93/42 and later amendments.

Direct line with customer.

World Work offers daily support to the customer, who can count on a constant and professional support, quick answer times and full responses, and on comprehensive assistance in product promotion and management.

A flexible approach that also allows customer specific requirements to be satisfied. The company will also arrange authorisation applications and procedures, documentation and certification for the destination country.  These are complex aspects, although essential to be able to register, import and mark products.