Quality comes first

Impeccable quality is a resolute World Work prerogative: the company history is characterised by a progressive refinement of production technology, aimed at augmenting production capacity, as well as the constant improvement of the product. Company know-how, strictly in-house, favours research in new materials and guarantees comprehensive and direct process control.
The result can be seen at all levels: in the high product quality standards, recognised as the best on the reference market by its business partners; in the ability to offer customer-specific solutions on a daily basis, with packing systems studied even for the most unusual requirements; in the maximum focus on safety, both in terms of product (raw material selection, hygiene standards, etc…) and workers (standards for health and safety in the work place) and environmental protection.

Quality, production capacity, punctuality, service

Quality in production processes, product performance and reliability and the great focus on Customer support are World Work priority objectives.

These objectives are the result of an incessant renewal of factory plant and machinery, which enables continuous monitoring of production processes and products, and a constantly growing production capacity to face Customer demands and respect delivery times.

The innovation process also involves the administration and support operations through a constant review of service levels and the search fir procedures, resources and tools that can best satisfy Customer needs.


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