Dental Amalgam


Plasticity, resistance, precision

Advanced research in developing the alloy for World Work amalgam offers a high copper content and zinc free product. It is in line with ISO 24234:2004 standards and implements the best preparation techniques and guarantees optimum performance.
The right mixture with Ag-Cu eutectic highlights a first class product in the preparation for NG2 amalgams. The micro-particle size of mixed irregular atomized and slaked blend, and the uniformity of the ratio in the metals, favour incomparable plasticity in its application. The optimum alloy and mercury ratio guarantees maximum corrosion and crack resistance, in addition to maintaining perfect edges.

Alloy in powder

Powder alloy especially developed for use in mixers.
250g packets

Self-activating capsules

1, 2 and 3 dose capsules produced by a fully computerised method.
50 or 100 pcs packet
Amalgam Alloy Powders Dental Amalgam Capsules