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Experience of the past

The World Work history is closely tied to the Baldissera family, at the helm of the company from the beginning. Everything is owed to the company founder, Reginaldo Baldissera, while working in Switzerland back in the Fifties, had the ability to transform his experience as export manager for a Swiss/US manufacturer of dental equipment into a think tank of new ideas for his new entrepreneur  career.

The desire for innovation

It was the meeting with a large American brand triggered the interest for the dental amalgam production technique, generating the start-up of the business. A decade or more later, the experimentation of a line of saliva ejectors sowed the seeds of the future core business. The definition of an innovative fully automated plant proves to be highly successful and outlines the decisive push towards World Work penetration of the world market.

A team of old and new generations

In the Nineties, the sons absorb the innovative talents of their father, working as a team to develop a business that proves capable of keeping a constant growth trend over the years.

The commitment for tomorrow

The focus on continuous improvement is a common goal of both old and new generations. This is the root of the resources committed to developing modern, evolved plant and machinery, capable of guaranteeing maximum product quality: from new machinery for manufacturing disposable saliva ejectors to the fine tuning of those for producing and packaging dental amalgam, which in recent years has been capable of opening the doors to new, up and coming markets , increasing company turnover and its field of action.

The new headquarters

The continuous increase in demand for our products has convinced World Work to find a new location, with more space to meet the natural evolution of the company, which has grown in both production capacity and world market penetration. The organisation of the new World Work headquarters is oriented towards offering customers a chance to meet and talk, a work environment that follows the lines of an outlook that sees the customer as an active participant, who can create a partnership relationship and mutual growth. 

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